helen meskhidze

I'm a graduate student studying philosophy of science

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My dissertation research is about the meanings of terms across theories. I'm formulating a theory of Newtonian Gravity with torsion and investigating its relation to Teleparallel Gravity.

I'm also interested in how we gain knowledge from large-scale simulations in astrophysics and cosmology and whether the opacity of such simulations can be overcome.

I care deeply about pedagogical strategies for teaching philosophy and effective methods for pedagogical training.

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meanings of
theoretical terms

In my dissertation research, I investigate curvature/flatness across theories of gravity.

I also have a manuscript investigating the meaning/use of energy conditions (conditions imposed in General Relativity to capture the intuition that energy should be positive) across theories of gravity (manuscript available upon request).

epistemological issues
in astrophysics and cosmology

I'm investigating whether comparisons of astrophysical codes (in particular, their implementations of self-interacting dark matter) can be used as a methodology to increase our confidence in such simulations.

I've also argued that the use of "black-boxes" need not undercut the development of scientific understanding (click for more).


courses taught

Making Modern Science

on the history and philosophy of science (click here for syllabus)

Introduction to Symbolic Logic

on formal tools for argument evaluation (click here for syllabus, click here for Carnap page)

inclusive and innovative pedagogy
  • on conducting effective student-faculty parnerships (click for more)
  • on ameliorating the underrepresentation of female-identified undergraduates in philosophy (click for more)
  • on scientifically-backed pedagogy for more effective teaching & learning (click for more)
courses TAed
  • The Good Life
  • Philosophy of Sex
  • Classical Mythology: The Gods
  • Introduction to Symbolic Logic
  • Introduction to Women's Studies
  • Clinical Psychology
pedagogical training
  • Workshop on Course Design
  • TA Professional Development Program
  • UCI 3-quarter course on pedagogy
  • UCI Certificate in Remote Instruction
  • AAPT Workshop on Graduate Pedagogy